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VIP Voice Servicesunified communicationsVoice over Internet Protocol phones up to 60% off

VIP Voice Services is helping businesses to connect through Voice over Internet Protocol – which means no bulky hardware, phone maintenance or repairs.

We understand business

VIP Voice Services helps businesses bring their people and communications together in innovative, creative ways. Our cloud-based, hosted telephone solution delivers business-grade voice service, and keeps you and your employees connected on all your devices.

First and foremost, we focus on high-quality, cutting-edge equipment; as well as courteous, well-trained technicians who get it right from the start.

We also value affordability. We understand technology shouldn’t break the bank, so we offer phone systems flexible enough to grow with you at minimal expense.

Equipment that works for you

We also understand it’s easier to make purchases when you’re making money. That’s why we offer Equipment as a Service – so your phone system can start serving you right away. Basically, you make monthly payments with the revenue your equipment helps you generate!

Because of our focus on quality and affordability, we see it time and again: Businesses upgrade their phone systems and significantly lower their monthly phone bills when they make the switch to VIP. And if that’s not enough – they also eliminate long distance charges! Throw in EaaS, and our clients are able to improve their balance sheets as well as their monthly operations budgets.

We’re in business to help you do business

But don’t let quality and cost be the only reasons you make the switch to VIP. In addition to improved financial and performance efficiency, VoIP is simple to install, upgrade and use.

Here are just a few of the features Voice over Internet Protocol offers:
  • Top quality internet-based phone service
  • Market-proven MetaSwitch technology with GEO Redundancy
  • Worry-free business communications solutions
  • Disaster routing (never miss a business call again)
  • Find/follow me call routing
  • Auto attendant

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