Replace E-Rate with VIP!

E-Rate is going away.

VIP is here to stay!

It’s the same pie. You just get more pieces!Replace E-Rate with VIP!


“This is a no brainer!” Oklahoma School Administrator

As E-Rate assistance for phone bills dries up in 2018, VIP Voice Services can help you save more than you’re losing. We’ll leverage your existing communications budget through the latest cloud technology, saving up to 60 percent off your monthly phone bill. In many cases, we can upgrade, integrate and enhance the ways you communicate, all for less than you’re paying now.

Phone Systems WiFi Access Points Network Switches
Intercoms Desktops Firewalls
Conferencing Servers Structured Cabling

VIP offers one-stop IT expertise, so one phone call can solve all your technology problems.Don’t worry about large capital outlays for new equpment! With VIP’s Equipment as a Service, you pay for your phone system as part of your monthly phone bill.

You don’t have to be a math teacher to get these numbers!


One low monthly payment: all your communications needs!

School Districts

switch to


with EaaS.

(Equipment as a Service)



Before VIP After VIP
Monthly Phone Bill: $1,300 Monthly Phone Bill: $ 900
Old, Outdated Phone System New, State-of-the-Art Phone System
No capital outlay! Savings: $5,000 per year



Before VIP After VIP
Monthly phone bill: $950 Monthly phone bill: $1,000
In 2018, loses E-Rate subsidy of $1,200 New, state-of-the-art phone system
Outdated phone systems in
4 separate buildings
installed throughout the district
Estimated replacement: $15,000 Brand new intercom system
No capital outlay! Savings: $14,400


Before VIP After VIP
Monthly Phone Bill: $3,834 Monthly Phone Bill: $1,502
Annual savings: $27,976