Small Business Solutions

Small business phone solutions don’t have to scrimp on technology. More and more American businesses are finding their communications solutions in the cloud because of its flexibility, mobility and potential for expansion. The best part of all…VIP offers systems and programs that are more affordable than ever!

What is a cloud phone solution?

Instead of bulky hardware with miles of cable taking up space in a dusty back closet, cloud phone solutions take up virtual space on the internet. In addition to the simplicity of hardware and setup, cloud phone systems tie your phone system to your computer network, which means you can make calls from just about any device.

But what about security?

VIP’s small business phone systems provide robust security, along with carrier-grade reliability and call clarity. And don’t worry about internet outages. Our systems provide call continuity and system redundancy, which means you’ll never miss important calls due to spotty internet service. Our disaster routing feature automatically and seamlessly routes calls to one of several numbers you pre-designate. That means you (and more importantly, your customers) will never feel the switch.

Best of all, just about all of the features you love about your smartphone are also available in VIP’s cloud phone systems: Caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, conferencing, and the ability to transfer calls.

Mobile. Flexible. Robust. Expandable. Affordable. All of the features you thought your small business couldn’t afford are available through VIP’s state-of-the-art cloud phone systems.

And if that’s not convincing enough, VIP offers plans that automatically upgrade your hardware and software along with ever-changing technology – all with unparalleled professional customer support.

phone systems


  • Huge up-front expenditure for hardware
  • On-site hardware requires setup and maintenance
  • Business disrupted for repair or maintenance
  • Additional expenses for hardware upgrades
  • Early termination fees for required contracts
  • Service requests require lengthy wai
Yealink phones

  • No on-site hardware required
  • Free, easy setup
  • Seamless upgrades to hardware and software
  • Manage your own system from any device
  • Customer support
  • Easy to add or change lines, any time