Unified Communications

unified communications

VIP Voice Services ties it all together

A primary objective of any successful organization is effective communication. Unified Communications consolidates all the ways you communicate in real time with non-real-time communication services for improved productivity and workplace harmony. Imagine if you could tie it all together:

  • Instant messaging
  • Voice communications
  • Work extension mobility
  • Web
  • Audio and video conferencing
  • Desktop sharing
  • Voicemail
  • Email
  • Text messaging (SMS
  • Fax

How does unified communications change day-to-day operations? First of all, your employees no longer have to pause or end conversations just because they change locations or devices. Our flexible UC solutions allow you to send messages on one platform and continue the same communication on another. For example, you can turn an online chat into a phone all, or a voicemail into emails or instant messages. Secondly, employees can see what coworkers are available in real time, on any platform, to assist with an immediate need.

Since UC connects your business wherever they are, any company that has mobile employees – healthcare, educators, sales fleets, technicians, security – will benefit from a solution that lets them respond and communicate faster. UC over a WLAN helps your staff access and distribute information, reach consensus, and collaborate on decisions more rapidly. As a result, your business is more agile, and ready to respond quickly and decisively – giving you a powerful advantage over the competition.

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Why Unified Communications?

While total integration is one of UC’s most attractive features, the undeniable value to VIP’s Unified Communications is the impact to your bottom line. That’s because UC is not just affordable; it provides savings through improved efficiency and increased productivity. Most of all, UC increases revenue from satisfied customers.

Because Unified Communications helps your employees work smarter and produce more, you’re breezing through the next deal while your competitors are struggling to keep up with email.

Unified Communications Efficiency

  • Increase productivity by allowing employees to multitask.
  • Increase efficiency through closer collaboration any time, anywhere – whether you’re behind your office desk or (safely) on the road.
  • Flexible, seamless communication allows employees to use the handiest medium at the moment, without the limitations of physical proximity or device.
  • Data and voice combine to a single circuit.
  • Reduce costs by migrating calls from the cellular network to the WLAN.

Finally, VIP’s UC solution delivers seamless migration from legacy voice systems to advanced VoIP with SIP Trunking. You can make the switch all at once, or take advantage of all the benefits of UC while migrating in stages.

Talk with VIP today about our custom solutions to help your business streamline communications, reduce downtime and redundancy, and supercharge productivity.

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