Disaster Routing

call routing in a disasterCall routing when disaster strikes

Tech-savvy business leaders are turning more and more to VIP Voice Services because we offer a wealth of VoIP features and significant savings. But what good is a high-quality, affordable VoIP phone system if it doesn’t work when the you need it most? VIP anticipated the most-expressed concern about VoIP with automatic call routing, so you’ll never miss an important call, no matter the disaster.

What happens when the internet goes down?

One of VoIP’s greatest benefits is that there’s no longer a need for separate voice and data lines. Everything routes through the internet; but what happens when the internet goes down? VIP’s Disaster Routing seamlessly kicks in, routing your calls to numbers you pre-assign. Your customers will never know you’re in the midst of a disaster, because you’ll never miss their call. You can easily direct incoming calls to other offices, employee homes, cell phones, or to voicemail.

Disaster Routing through emergencies

  • Civil emergency evacuations or blockades: When employees can’t get to the office but are still able and willing to answer phones.
  • Internet or power outages: While competitors quibble with internet or power providers, you’re serving your customers like nothing ever happened.

Disaster Routing also makes your office more efficient in non-emergency situations

  • When maintenance disrupts your office
  • When you’re remodeling
  • Unexpected employee absences
  • IT upgrades

Disaster Routing is much more than just call forwarding. You can route calls on multiple lines in one simple step. Best of all, you don’t have to be in your office to activate Disaster Routing. An internet connection to the hosted PBX allows for on-the-fly changes.

Disaster Routing Features

  • Accessible: No matter where you are, no matter the circumstances, you can access and activate Disaster Routing; or it will automatically activate to protect customer calls.
  • Versatile: Think of all the non-disaster applications for routing your calls. Office parties? Remodeling? IT upgrades? Scheduled interruptions don’t have to interrupt customer service.
  • Scalable: Whether you have five phone lines, or 1,000, you can route calls to multiple locations.

Make VIP Voice Services’ Disaster Routing part of your business’ emergency plan, so you can continue to serve your customers when you need customers most.

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