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VIP Voice Services brings your business, school, or local government, the best in technology services. We’re committed to working with our customers to find the best solutions for their operations, and their bank accounts.

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The internet runs the world and it's coming closer to running commerce. So it shouldn't cost an arm and leg to get connected to the world.

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Through hosting services, your communications become flexible, going wherever you go, turning voicemails into text and so much more. Making sure your business is ready to respond quickly and decisively, giving you a powerful advantage over the competition

VOIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, technology that allows for speech communication via the Internet. Server room background.

Voice Over IP

You already need internet, why not use it for your phone service too? Voice over internet protocol services and telephones let you utilize your high-speed internet for high-speed telecommunications.

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Equipment as a Service

You could scrap together your desk phones and internet service from various companies, or you can get it all, equipment, installation, and maintenance, for one easy monthly payment.

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Conferencing Solutions

Conference calls can be easy if your connection works and your equipment is reliable and specifically designed to handle multiple callers at once.

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SIP Trunking

With SIP trunking VIP connects your existing traditional phones with the cloud to streamline your communications on a single, privately-managed network.

Parnering with VIP Technology Solutions Group

To bring you the best in equipment, service, and value.


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